Black Duck Gallery

Black Duck Artist Retreat.

What is the Artist Retreat?

We know all too well that for the creatives in our community, to find the time and space purely to focus on their art practice is near impossible, yet is vital for evolving as an artist.

With this in mind and in the hope of building awareness about the importance of the creative’s of our time, the Black Duck is offering an Artist Retreat which is a choice of either 7 or 10 days to devote solely to your art practice.

Although totally welcome to put on workshops and display and sell artwork, there is no obligation to do anything other than use the space and time to get creative in an open studio.

This year we have two 7 or 10 day Retreats on offer:

August 20th– 26th/29th

October2 2nd – 28th/31st

What you provide and what is an open studio?

Bring yourself and your art materials, whatever form they take.

An open studio means that your door is ‘open’ to public so they can pop in and see you working on your art practice.

In participating in the retreat not only are you honouring yourself as an artist, sharing your art and giving yourself the time to create, but by engaging with the public through an open studio, you are helping to build a greater understanding of the artistic community and also inspiring others within their own practises.


The cottage is fully self-contained with a kitchenette and shower, a large loft style bedroom with queen bed and a 4 x 6m gallery space downstairs, ready for hanging. The cottage itself is set on a popular through road leading towards the renowned Spirit House restaurant and the beautiful Mt Ninderry, a popular walking track for tourists and locals alike, and it is less than a couple of minutes drive to the thriving country town of Yandina.

Inclusion's & Cost

Retreat cost: 7 days $350 10 days $550

Artist Retreat program enquiries

How do I apply?

All interested parties are to fill in a proposal form and e-mail it to along with a refundable $70 deposit.

If unsuccessful you will be informed via e-mail and your $70 will be refunded.

If successful an offer of acceptance including dates will be sent back via e-mail which you will have one week to accept or decline. If application is accepted by all parties the deposit becomes non-refundable and the balance is to be paid in full no later than 7 days after acceptance.

If for any reason the Black Duck Gallery has to cancel the residency, you will recieve a full refund.

By agreeing to the residency you are consenting to allow the BD Gallery to use any photos, video and written content for ongoing promotion purposes.

Although we make every effort to ensure goods are safe and treated with the utmost care, we are not held responsible for any damages to works when in the gallery. The exhibitor is responsible for their own products insurance if they wish to be covered.

Applications for the 2019 Artist Retreat close July 21st

Black Duck Artist Retreat Mission

The Black Duck Artist Retreat is designed with the purpose of creating a more accessible crossover between the artist and the viewer. Not only is the program in place to provide artists with the time and space to evolve their own practise, it is in the hope of creating a more engaging and understanding community of the creatives of our time. This program is a collaboration of space, time, minds and passion with the vision of giving the creative process back to the people. You are part of this process so please contact us with any questions, requests, suggestions or feedback at and don’t forget check out the cottage at

Who are we?

John and Malika Burke, owner of Wombat Sheds, creator of Burko’s Makers Space and owner of the beautiful property and cottage which is the Black Duck Gallery.

Jenna Howearth, owner of GIAP Art Visions, which aims to create events and exhibitions which promote arts and creativity within our community.
Look forward to hearing from you