Black Duck Gallery


What furniture is there in the gallery space?

The gallery has a small glass table and a couch. Any other specific display items can be supplied by the artist, or if you have any requests let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.

Where can I work on my art?

You are welcome to work inside the gallery space, outside or in the workshop. Drop sheets and easels are to be supplied by the artist. There are trestle tables in the workshop if needed.

Can I come and visit the space before my residency or retreat?

Absolutely. Just contact us and we’ll set up a time, or pop in and visit another residency to see the space in action.

Who organises the workshops and events?

The residency is designed as an artist run space, so is expected that you organise your own events and workshops.

Who takes bookings and payments for the workshops (if needed)?

The artist is responsible for taking bookings and payments for any workshops.

Who runs the events?

You do but at least one of the Black Duck crew will be around to give you a hand at your opening event.

Who promotes my residency/workshops/events?

The Artist in Residence comes with the ‘Marketing Package’. See the overview for what that includes. Other than our online advertising the Artist Retreat is promoted by you if you so choose.

Insurance…who needs to be insured for what?

The Black Duck Gallery has public liability insurance for visitors, but artists are recommended to get their own insurance as well. Flying Arts provides a very affordable artists insurance. Visit the website at for more information.

Does the gallery provide platters and glassware etc for events?

Yes, we will provide platters and cups for the opening and other events you may have.

How many workshops/events can I run?

You can run as many as you like. The more opportunity to pull people into the space to see your work the better.

Another question??

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